How to Choose a Career?

How to Choose a Career?

The education system of India is very intimidating, and everyone is running in a rat race to become one they dream of, follow, or admire. Choosing a career to pursue after class 12 is an essential stage of student life. After all, the stressing out for marks and the pressure any student undergoes to score in board exams, the fruit would be earned only if they choose the right career path. But how to do it becomes a big question.

Below are some of the tips on how to choose the right career path after 12th:

How to choose a career
How to choose a career

Think and Research: 

Now that your board exams are completed, think of the subject that fascinates you the most or the subject you like the most. The subject can be in the science stream, commerce, or humanities, but there must be one subject you study by heart, and you must find that one subject and pick it up. You can encounter many obstacles in choosing your favorite subjects from your peers’ or parents’ front, which will be very confusing, but you need not worry, and don’t get carried away from overthinking and overstressing. Once you decide on the subject, research the opportunities or careers available to that subject. These days, every subject has its area and opportunities to be considered. What is needed is thorough research and proper guidelines.

Understanding of the course:

Before you decide which course to pursue, it is also essential to understand what a course entails and what it covers. You must thoroughly understand what lies in store once you know what is in the course. This means you need to understand what subjects will be covered, what and how you will learn, and what kind of teaching methodology is followed in the graduation course you are opting for.

There are many ways to gather important information about the graduation course you plan to take. The most convenient and obvious would be to talk to your siblings, cousins, parents, or seniors. People working in the fields that are similar to your interests will be able to guide you the best. Alternatively, you can find relevant information online or consult a career counselor.

Future Prospects:

Its prospects are another major factor when deciding on a college course. Understanding the job and further study prospects is essential, especially if you are considering going for some new or off-beat courses. Choosing a course that matches your interests is great, but you should also be mindful of the prospects that it offers. One of the significant questions that you should answer is, ‘What are the career opportunities available after the course?’ Also, look for prospects for higher studies in the field.

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Make a list:

Make a list of things you like and dislike. For example, which subjects do you like the most? Are you interested in arts or photography? Are you adventurous? Are you interested in programming and computers, etc? Select the careers that suit you based on your likes and dislikes.

Analyze each of the selected careers:

After creating a list of the careers of your choice, you need to analyze each of the selected careers. Consider minimum qualifications, potential dangers and hazards, starting salaries, and opportunities to progress in that field.


Another essential aspect you should consider when choosing a career after the 12th is income, as everybody selects a job to earn money, but that does not mean that every person becomes a doctor or engineer and not a teacher. Here, you must determine which profession will give you the desired money. If you want to work for your self-satisfaction, the doors to different career aspects are always open.

Know what you don’t want to pursue:

It is essential to know what to pursue, but more than that, one should very well know what not to pursue. Sometimes, the best choices in life are the ones you don’t make. Use the process of elimination to ensure that you weed out all the possible careers for which you are not suited.

Take the assistance of a career counselor:

One of the essential parts of choosing a career is to consult a career counselor. Career counselors are highly trained professionals who will help you complete a series of personality evaluations and aptitude tests to make an informed choice.

Do Short-term courses in subjects that interest you:

This is the best way to evaluate what you like and what you don’t like, and many topmost colleges these days are offering this facility to students who want to opt for any courses in the colleges. These courses give students an idea of what the subject will cover.

Engage a mentor:

The most important thing the students can consider is engaging a mentor willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise, demonstrating a positive attitude, acting as a positive role model, and exhibiting enthusiasm in the field. The mentor will be the right person to provide guidance and constructive feedback to you.


Choosing the right career is entirely in your hands. Think of the different aspects of a particular job and then select your path, whatever time it takes, because, as they say, “it’s better late than never.”

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