Top 10 Colleges Alternative To IITs

Top 10 Colleges Alternative To IITs

Top 10 colleges Alternative to IITs is all about those top educational institutions other than IITs where students can gain admission based on their JEE Advanced score.

JEE Advanced 2024 will be conducted on April 4. The score obtained in this well-known test can be used to gain admission to IITs. Students can also focus on the mentioned institutions for various engineering or science courses.

Focus shifts towards searching for top institutes (IITs in particular) after the exam to ascertain the best among them and join there to study engineering to open the gateway for greener pastures in life.

Top 10 Colleges Alternative To IITs
Top 10 Colleges Alternative To IITs

However, gaining entry into IITs, which is always the prime preference, is nothing short of a battle, as intense competition makes matters challenging.

In this tough fight, some win while others lose. Losing a battle is no denying entering greener pastures; it simply means another way to a great career has opened.

Thankfully, for students who could not gain entry into IITs, there are other institutes where students can get a seat based on their score in JEE Advanced to study great courses.

Alternatives to IITs are an attempt to show those non-IIT educational institutions.

The List Of Top 10 Colleges Alternative To IITs Is Given Below:

1. Indian Institute Of Science Bangalore (IISC Bangalore)

This is one of the prime Top 10 college Alternatives to IITs where students can look for studying great courses.

IISc came into existence on May 27, 1909, in Bangalore following a vesting order and resolution passed by the government of India to establish the Institute.

Its first Director was the English chemist Morris Travers. Twenty-four students joined when the Institute opened its doors to students in 1911.

The Institute started with two academic departments: General and Applied Chemistry and Electrical Technology.

Moving into the twenty-first century, IISc has set up an undergraduate program, several new departments, and centers in brain research, nanoscience and engineering, hypersonics, and more, strengthened ties with industry, and incubated several start-ups.

It has also expanded to include a 1500-acre campus at Challakere in Chitradurga district, Karnataka.

2. Indian Institute Of Petroleum And Energy Visakhapatnam (IIPE Visakhapatnam)

This is another Top 10 college Alternatives to IITs that students can consider when studying courses.

This Institute is located in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and offers courses related to petroleum engineering and chemical engineering at the undergraduate level.

It is one of the educational organizations that offer seats based on the scores in JEE Advanced.

IIPE has tied up with the IIT Council to select candidates for every academic session that began on August 1, 2016.

Consequently, for the coming academic year 2020-21, IIPE has been tied up with IIT Delhi to select candidates.

3. Indian Institutes Of Science Education And Research Bhopal (IISER Bhopal)

This is another option among the top 10 colleges in the institutes that are alternative to IITs. This institution was established in 2008, and the first academic session began in August 2008.

It is currently governed by NITSER (Amendment) Act 2017 and the statutes of IISERs. This organization has seen splendid growth within a short period after post-establishment.

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This is among the institutes that accept students based on their JEE Advanced score.

Even students with KVPY scores and SCB scores can apply for admission here. There are eight departments in total in this institution.

However, JEE Advanced pass students will be called for direct admissions. 

4. Indian Indian Institutes Of Science Education And Research (IISER)-2

Apart from IISER in Bhopal, are other IISERs located in Berhampur, Tirupati, and Thiruvananthapuram. These, too, are among those organizations that are Alternative to IITs.

These institutes of national importance accept students with good scores in JEE Advanced. They offer BS and BS-MS integrated programs.

5. Indian Institute Of Space Technology Thiruvananthapuram (IIST Thiruvananthapuram)

This Institute, located in Kerala, is a fine abode for students willing to pursue studies in space science.

This Institute is also a worthy Top 10 college Alternative to IITs as the study here offers good career prospects. A degree in space science opens bright job prospects in India and abroad.

IIST is said to be the first Institute in Asia dedicated to studying and researching outer space.

This Institute also offers programs in electronics and communication engineering (Avionics) and aerospace engineering.

Admission to this Institute is based on a rank list prepared, taking into account the JEE Advanced score.

6. Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Petroleum Technology Amethi (RGIPT Amethi)

This institution is of national importance, and the chief focus of this institution is petroleum studies. This is also one of the worthy Top 10 colleges Alternative to IITs as a study here is no less deserving.

Subjects offered here at the graduate level are Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering at both graduate and postgraduate levels. MBA and MSc in Geoscience are also among the other subjects offered here.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG), Government of India, set up the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology at Jais, Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, by the Act of Parliament.

The prime objective of the Institute is to provide excellent education, training, and research to roll out efficient human resources and to meet the growing requirements of the Petroleum and Energy sector.

The Institute has an ambitious plan to offer several Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, Postgraduate diploma courses, and Doctoral programs in Science, Engineering, and Management.

7. IISER Mohali

This institution started its academic program in 2007, with a batch of 25 students in the five-year BS-MS Dual Degree Program.

The PhD Program was started in 2008, and the Integrated PhD program was started in 2012.

IISER Mohali’s fully residential campus is located on 125 acres of land given by the Punjab Government in the Knowledge City at Sector 81, Mohali. This is also an acceptable alternative to IITs.

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali envisions a new generation of scientists dedicated to pursuing knowledge in frontier areas of basic sciences.

In an intellectually vibrant academic environment, IISER Mohali nurtures the basic tenets of science education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Institute aims to emerge as a global center of learning, academic excellence, and innovative research.

8. IISER Kolkata

This institution began its innings in 2006, and one of the objectives behind establishing this Institute is to integrate quality teaching with curiosity needed for state-of-the-art research.

This one among the alternatives to IITs has completed more than ten years of its existence and has established excellence in science in the form of teaching and publications, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Many undergraduate students are also engaged in research as a part of their curriculum.

Today, IISER-K has a vibrant campus with strong faculty members of repute and supportive non-teaching staff.

The students pursuing various degrees are among the best in the country and have established a commendable culture.

The Institute has a flexible academic program and hosts state-of-the-art research facilities.

9. IISER Pune

IISER Pune is a research-intensive teaching institute.

The faculty and students investigate questions in science that lie beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking. The whole ambiance is very academic.

It is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities. This is also one of the institutions that is an alternative to IITs.

Since its inception, IISER Pune has published over 2000 research papers in highly reputed journals, of which several have come out of 5th-year research projects of BS-MS students.

IISER Pune has been ranked 23 in Overall category in the NIRF 2019 India Rankings.

The vision of this Institute is to establish scientific institutions of the highest caliber where teaching and education are integrated with state-of-the-art research.

10. IISER Tirupati

IISER Tirupati is the sixth Institute in the chain of IISERs established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Education to impart quality education in basic sciences and set up state-of-the-art research facilities for frontline and cutting-edge research in science.

It started academic activity in August 2015 in the spacious transit campus at Sree Rama Engineering College, Rami Reddy Nagar, Karakambadi Road, Tirupati.

The vision of this institution, which is also an alternative to IITs, is to be a technology-based, research-driven Institute of Excellence in the realm of the Basic Sciences in which the instructional process at all levels of education that it offers is seamlessly inter-mixed and integrated with undertaking state-of-art research.

Conclusion For Top 10 Colleges Alternative To IITs

The educational institutes described above are highly reputed, so they are fine alternatives to IITs. Various sources point out that these institutes release a cutoff every year about the admission process.

Students who have passed JEE Advanced with the specified cutoff or above can be targeted for gaining a seat in these fine institutions, which are also a worthy alternative to IITs.

These educational institutions release their cutoffs before JEE Advanced results are released or shortly after the declaration of results.

Top 10 colleges Alternative to IITs: After ensuring they have the required cutoff in JEE Advanced and cannot gain entry into IITs, students can focus on securing a seat in these prestigious organizations, which are also a worthy alternative to IITs.

Students can keep track of the official websites of these institutes for information on the cutoff.

However, students have to remember that the sure way of gaining admission into these Top 10 colleges is an alternative to IITs, recording a good performance in JEE Advanced.

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