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December Contest Winner


Contest Topic : Do you think Theatre, art should be part of school curriculum?

Contest Winner
: D.Mothilal
: IX
: TTWRS Boys
: Kandukur, Telangana

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This an excellent opportunity to me by my father when he bought ” Winspire Magazine” for me. Different types of news, articles, stories, interesting things are in a single book.

Shivaraju Vancharla

I like winspire magazine very much because it contains different things by reading this magazine I have learned a lot of new things.Last time I have attempted Winspire monthly contest I got 2nd prize now I got some grip on the topic too.


The topics in the magazine awesome we learn a lot from it…..and we wait for the magazine every first day of month to solve detective questions, puzzles, logo games etc.

Lahari sadhu

The best magazine for aspiring students and the paper quality is too good.

Vamsi krishna

If you are a dreamer and you want to be successful in your life this magazine can help you a lot because it has great examples, with motivational stories, principles/secrets to success and also many practical ideas which if one followed properly, then do wonders.

Naveen Kumar

The magazine gives a completely new perspective of learning. This is one of must-read books for everyone, especially for school students. This magazine put light on the different career options like Research and Analysis Wing, Investment Banking,etc.

Dhreeaj Vishnu