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Winspire Magazine is an educational print magazine started to help your children to THINK and GROW BIG. The articles are tailor-made for students of Class VII and above. It’s a new dimension of learning which focuses on 4 aspects, which are important for the students to succeed in career and life. The content is sourced from the best minds of the country, including the graduates of IIT & IIM and the intellectuals working in corporate, government, scientific and academic fields.



To overcome the fear and obstacles in reaching the goals, Winspire motivates the students through inspirational stories of successful people, motivational quotes and book recommendations. We identified through research that the dose of inspiration is required to students on a regular basis because motivation is key for any individual to attain full potential in life.

Career Guidance

Since market dynamics are changing so drastically with the advent of technology, students need to be updated about the emerging fields and the job opportunities available. Winspire is trying to help students by educating them about different career choices and the means to achieve them because successful people choose the right career that suits them well.


General Knowledge

Whatever career a student may choose, General Knowledge is the key to growth and success. We provide a monthly gist of all the current issues happened in that particular month and general knowledge questions in the form of MCQs and Quizzes.


Creating interest in academics

We create interest in their own subjects such as Science, Social, English, Mathematics, and Reasoning through puzzles, speed math tests, reasoning questions and so on. We also prepare their mindset that is required for the competitive examinations.


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✔ Inculcate qualities like wisdom, courage, honesty, etc. from an early age.

✔ Increases their memory and encourage concentration.

✔ Build stronger Analytical and Thinking Skills.

✔ Enhance public speaking skills.

✔ Enhances creativity, making students more imaginative and open to new ideas and free thinking.

✔ Create awareness about various career opportunities and help them to choose the right career path.

✔ Broadens students horizon with articles of different personalities, countries, and cultures to give them a broader understanding of the people and the world.

✔ Facilitates students to progress towards their goals.

✔ Our Promise? Students will learn at least with 50 new things a month by reading Winspire.

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