World Veterinary Day

World Veterinary Day

This World Veterinary Day please thank the medical professionals who keep our dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, rodents, and other creatures healthy and happy.

Whether someone is a dog person, a cat person, a rabbit person, or even a horse person, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, and that is the fantastic work that veterinarians do in the care of animals.

World Veterinary Day

The History of World Veterinary Day

Professor John Gamgee from the Veterinary College of Edinburgh established the World Veterinary Congress. By 1959, the World Veterinary Association was established to focus on animal health and welfare.

The World Veterinary Day was organized in 2000 by the World Veterinary Association to promote and highlight the astonishing lifesaving work performed by veterinarians worldwide. The day takes place each year on the last Saturday of April.

Each year, a different theme is chosen to help pet owners remember the importance of animal care and how they can help, for example, by ensuring our pet’s vaccinations and medications are up to date.

The timeline of World Veterinary Day.

1761: The first veterinary school was founded in Lyon, France. The world’s first veterinary school has begun training veterinarians.

1863: The World Veterinary Congress came into place. Professor John Gamgee of the Veterinary College of Edinburgh brought together a group of veterinarians from Europe.

1959: The World Veterinary Association is started 

Moving from just an annual gathering to a full-fledged organization, the association is established to focus on animal health and welfare.

 2000: World Veterinary Day is established 

Established by the World Veterinary Association, this day is meant to celebrate those in the veterinary profession, including doctors and paraprofessionals.

 2008: The World Veterinary Award is created 

This award aims to recognize the best contribution to the veterinary field. The first award was given to the Kenya Veterinary Association.

How can World Veterinary Day be celebrated?

World Veterinary Day can be celebrated by observing and participating in various activities. You can start with some of these ideas:

Show Appreciation to a Veterinarian.

Why not raise a paw, claw, or hoof on this particular day to thank the local veterinarians and their staff? You can send an email thanking them, or a thank you card. You can even post a positive review about their veterinary office on Google, Reddit, quora, or any other review site.

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Remember, veterinarians help protect and safeguard those who cannot speak for themselves, so remember how much they mean to the life of your pet!

Schedule a Veterinary Appointment for a Pet

This is the perfect time for pet owners who have procrastinated or need to remember to get regular checkups! Call a local vet or visit their website to make an appointment to get your pet into the clinic to ensure they are happy and healthy.

You can donate to an Animal Charity.

One of the greatest ways to show appreciation for any veterinarian or pet clinic is to donate to your favorite animal charity in their name. Checking into donating to a local pet rescue center, shelter, or guide dog training center.

For ideas on charities to donate to, consider some of these:

  • Raahat for Animals (PFA Dehradun)

Helping Animals across India, Eileen has not only come forward to support Raahat, our shelter for PFA Dehra Doon, but she has also been guiding us in various other organizational matters, responding promptly to our sometimes’ marathon mails!

  • Sneha’s Care.

Sneha’s care is one of the largest animal welfare charities in Nepal. Established in 2014 by animal advocate Ms. Sneha Shrestha to protect the street and community dogs and farmed animals from torture, cruelty, or ill usage, it has long campaigned to develop the welfare of man’s best friend. We at Sneha’s Care provide professional medical and humane care to injured, sick, and abandoned dogs and other street animals in its animal shelter. Sneha’s care is continuously campaigning and attempting to introduce animal welfare laws in Nepal to improve safeguards for animals and penalties for animal abuse and cruelty.

  • Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC)

WRRC is at the forefront of the effort to expose the unacceptable living conditions of India’s estimated 3,500 to 4000 captive elephants and restore these majestic animals to dignified lives in the wild. WRRC also provides sanctuary to elephants who have been rescued from the logging and temple industries, in addition to other wildlife.

  • Karuna Society for Animals and Nature.

They started supporting us when we needed to create a brochure about the horrific problem of cows and other animals dying of painful death after eating plastic bags left behind in the open garbage systems of India. They also supported us when we needed to show the Plastic Cow Documentary to the villagers in their local languages.

  • Varanasi for Animals.

Despite the multitude of animals, who mostly co-exist with humans in relative harmony, this city of 1.2 million people hardly provides animal welfare interventions. Animals facing sickness or injuries are mostly left to fend for themselves. Injured bulls hardly receive treatment, while injured dogs are often left to die by the side of the road.

After a life of service, sick and injured working equines are simply abandoned.

Thanks to Help Animals India for the initiative to help all these animals. Varanasi for Animals is thankful to the donors for doing organization work for distressed animals where the Government is not at all concerned for their welfare.

  • Sarnath Animal Welfare.

The Sarnath Animal Welfare project was born out of the compassion of a Buddhist pilgrim who was touched by the deplorable condition of the street dogs in this historic site where the Buddha first taught. Help Animals India took up the challenge, and in 2014, we organized Sarnath’s first annual animal birth control campaign. By the end of the second campaign in 2015, roughly 70 percent of the region’s dogs had been sterilized.

Participate in a World Veterinary Day Event

Those with their pets can join in on various events created and put on by local veterinary clinics. Most of the vets and their clinics will hold events to raise awareness and encourage participation in World Veterinary Day, so check online to see what’s available in your area.

Enjoy raising a Pet.

You can buy treats or new pet toys to celebrate Veterinary Day. Show them how much they mean to you as you appreciate veterinarians’ work to keep pets healthy. Of course, veterinarians will love knowing that pets are being specially cared for on this important day, so be sure the treats they get are healthy for their bodies and teeth!

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