Top 10 Tech Companies of the World and in India

Top 10 Tech Companies of the World and in India

The importance of the existence of a powerful and dynamic high technology company sector in the current world economy is enormous as it vastly influences the potential for the global competitiveness of different nations or regions. In the developed, post-industrial economies, the leading technology companies sector is frequently regarded as the area with the most extensive use of and dependency on the so-called unique means of production – knowledge and human resources. These means are created continuously, which enables not only competition among individual companies but also has a positive effect on the surroundings (traditional industries, level of science, etc.). The high technology sector also requires continuous and intense innovative activities as well as extensive research and development investments.

Most of the previous studies of the high technology sector have focused on the issues related to the methodology of measuring the research and development activities and its results, the amounts, structure, and sources of financing, institutional solutions, and the role of the state in stimulating the scientific and technological progress as well as on the issues of technological advancement in a broader context of innovativeness. However, there have been few studies of high technology companies’ functioning and management.

List of the top ten largest technology firms:

S.I. no.CompanyRevenueIndustry
1Amazon$280.5 billionCommerce, Cloud Computing
2Apple$260.2 billionHardware, Software, Cloud computing
3Samsung$197.69 billionConglomerate
4AT&T$181.2 billionTelecommunications, Mass Media
5Foxconn$178.16 billionElectronics
6Alphabet$161.9 billionConglomerate
7Microsoft$143 billionSoftware, Hardware
8Verizon$131.9 billionTelecommunications, Mass media
9Huawei Technologies$122 billionConsumer electronics, Telecom equipment
10Nippon T&T$112.35 billionTelecommunications

List of the top 10 tech brands of the world:

RankCompanyBrand Value
1Apple352 billion dollars
2Microsoft327 billion dollars
3Google324 billion dollars
4Tencent151 billion dollars
5Facebook147 billion dollars
6IBM84 billion dollars
7SAP58 billion dollars
8Instagram42 billion dollars
9Accenture41 billion dollars
10Intel37 billion dollars

Top tech companies of India

The Indian software industry is now in its third phase – that to take off. Today, most leading companies are operating in the high-end software services business and are also making efforts to enter the products segment. A new breed of companies, led by second-generation software entrepreneurs, are setting up product-oriented companies. The industry has weathered ups and downs in the global market, maintaining a high rate of growth. The industry moved centre stage in the domestic media because of its visibility in the United States, increased market capitalization and wealth creation for its employees. It is a source of social pride and as a consequence continues to attract disproportionate government attention.

The government set ambitious software export targets and has provided the policies to enable the industry to achieve those targets. Software companies are increasingly in recognition of their leadership in adopting best practices in management by the media. Indian companies have fine-tuned the “offshore model” and project their brands as service companies. Companies have moved further up the value chain, improving productivity, targeting new geographies, vertical domains and businesses.

List of the top ten tech companies of India :

RankCompany NameRevenue (Rupees in Crore)
1Tata Consultancy ServicesRs 152,497 Crore
2Infosys TechnologiesRs 87,371 Crore
3Wipro LimitedRs 60,137 Crore
4HCL Info systemsRs 65,643 Crore
5CognizantRs 54,678 Crore
6Tech MahindraRs 35,119 Crore
7IBM IndiaRs 23,886 Crore
8Oracle IndiaRs 22,396 Crore
9Larsen and Toubro InfotechRs 10,014 Crore
10MindtreeRs 7,375 Crore

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