6 Tips to make & keep your New Year Resolutions

6 Tips to make & keep your New Year Resolutions

It’s another year, and most of us are going to have yet another New Year Resolution and perhaps cry over it the next day because we’ve already failed. If you have this problem too, here we are with some practical solutions.

6 Tips for Sticking to New Year Resolutions

Choose Wisely:

* Identify your problem areas, where do you need an improvement?
* Which problem demands immediate attention?
* Can you make significant growth in a year?

Personalize a system:

Like we often say, you know yourself the best. Once you’ve set your resolution, make a system that you can follow. Jot down the steps and get started.

Focus on the Plan:

Don’t jump or fish straight for the results. That’s the last lap. Instead, emphasize the plan of action and enjoy the process.

SMART Action Plan:

S for Specific-
Your resolution must matter to you enough to have an impact. If your resolution is to cut down on your junk food, then probably you saw its adverse effects on your health.

M for Measurable:
It can’t be vague, or else you wouldn’t be aware of your progress. So like from 6 packets of chips per week, you moved down to 2. Now that’s the progress you can measure!

A for Attainable:
Make sure your resolution is real and possible. You don’t have to be extra hard on yourself to stay practical! If you say something like, I will learn five chapters every day then you have to be Flash or Dr Strange for that to be possible.

R for Relevant:
Don’t do something pointless. Your resolution should add to your personality or goals. Imagine a 16-year-old saying I will colour five pages every day.

T for Trackable:
Your resolution spreads over a year. Make milestones every two months and see where you stand. See where your progress graphs go. If your resolution is to master your English writing skills, write a paragraph every day. Compare your work every two months, and you’ll know where you stand.

Publicize your Resolution:

The more people know about it, the more you’ll be encouraged to attain your goal. Friendly reminders or even sarcastic taunts do a great deal in keeping us on track.
Make copies of your resolution and put them up everywhere- in your notebook, laptop, study table etc.

Prepare yourself:

If you succeed in keeping your resolution, you will undergo some changes. Keep yourself mentally and physically prepared to embrace those changes for they may be sudden or gradual as you move forward towards your goals.

However, as is a typical case, if you happen to cheat and you realize you couldn’t keep up, don’t be afraid of starting again. You are your master, and in this situation, you shall reward or punish yourself.

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