Life Coach Brian Tracy 21-day Mental Diet

Life Coach Brian Tracy 21-day Mental Diet

We can’t stress enough on the fact that rising early is directly proportional to success rates! If you’ve been following our articles lately, you’d know how Robin Sharma’s ‘5 am Club’ can be a total game-changer.
Still not motivated enough? Here’s Life Coach Brian Tracy’s 21-day Mental Diet that will help you wake up early and practically aid you to achieve 100% productivity every day.

21 Day mental Diet by Brian Tracy

Step 1:

Wake up Early- 6 am the latest you should get up. The early you rise, the more time you have during the day.

How to Wake Up Early?

A few easy steps and you’re there.

De-Snooze Half an Hour:
Take short steps. Start by waking up 30mins earlier than your routine time. If you get up at 7 am for school, then wake up at 6:30 am for a week. Keep moving your slot by half an hour every week.

Keep Your Alarm Away:
The closer your alarm is to the bed, the more likely it is the temptation to nap and say ‘Five Minutes More’. Place your alarm away from your bed. The best place would be near the light switch. Put off your alarm and turn on the lights!

Step 2:

Twenty minutes of exercise every morning ensures a stable energy level all day. You won’t feel lethargic as you’ve made the most of your ‘golden hour’.

Step 3:

Feed- Your Body and your Mind. A healthy and fresh breakfast that’s not eaten in a hurry will keep your physical strength at its peak. Similarly, you need to keep your mind charged and stay at the peak of its intellectual abilities. Invest 30-60 minutes every morning to read something motivational and inspirational that lets you say, Yes I can!

Step 4

Write down your goals-
List down 5-10 everyday goals that you want to achieve at the start of your day. This could be anything from, ‘Drink 8 Glasses of water’ to ‘Finish Assignment 4 Today’. Write it all down on a piece of paper and have physical proof of your plan right before your eyes.

Step 5:

List Down What you need-
These will be all the material things and even bits and pieces of information that you’ll need to finish your goals of the day. Pen, pencils, paper, make a list of things you will require in your inventory that day.

Start with The Most Important Task-
Now that you’re all geared up and fresh to take up the day’s challenges, start by handling the most important task at hand. Prioritize your goals and deal with them one by one.

Follow our Early To Rise routine and be a part of the group of famous CEOs who are early risers.

1. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook: Wakes up at 6 am and heads to his office
2. Tim Cook, Apple: Gets up as early as 4:30 am to answer emails!
3. Bill Gates, Microsoft: Exercises every day from 6 am
4. Ursula Burns, Xerox: Answers emails from 5:15 am and works out twice a week for an hour
5. Tim Armstrong, AOL: Reads or Works out from 5 am. Avoids sending mails before 7 am

Three prominent Indians who are also a part of this list.

1. Narendra Modi: Wakes up by 5 am every day to practice yoga
2. Ratan Tata: He believes in starting his day early and is known for keeping meetings at 6 am
3. Mukesh Ambani: The business tycoon hits the gym at 5 am

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