List of Indian Festivals State Wise

List of Indian Festivals State Wise

India is home to diversified cultures and religions. Every state has its own unique culture and tradition. The celebration of individual culture and tradition is typical for all states. People celebrate their beliefs, culture, and folklore in the form of festivals. Every festival has its specific ways and notions of celebration. Festivals in India are either celebrated according to states or seasons. The celebrations of any festival spread happiness and strengthen the bond of the family members. Many festivals are local as well.

List of state wise Indian festivals

Name of The StateName of the Festival
Andhra PradeshBrahmotsavam
Arunachal PradeshLosar Festival
AssamBohag Bihu
BiharChhath Puja
GujaratJanmashtami, Diwali
Himachal PradeshMahashivaratri
Jammu and KashmirEid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha
Madhya PradeshDiwali
MaharashtraGanesh Chaturthi
MeghalayaNongkrem Dance Festival
MizoramChapcharkut Festival
NagalandHornbill Festival
OdishaRaja Parba
RajasthanGangaur Festival
SikkimSaga Dawa
Tamil NaduPongal
TripuraKharchi Puja
Uttar PradeshNavaratri
UttarakhandGanga Dussehra
West BengalDurga Puja

Arunachal Pradesh – Losar

The Losar is also known as the Tibetan New year. Celebrations go on for three days at the end of January or February. It represents the struggle between good and evil which reflects in their ancient ceremonies. People chant and pass fire torches through the crowds in this festival. There are exclusive events that take place on this day like the deer dance and the amusing battle between the King and his ministers. Losar provides a cheerful environment for people. Dancing and singing show the joyous and enthusiastic part of this festival.

Assam – Bohag Bihu

 This festival resembles wishing happy new year to each other on this day. The spring festival, Bohaag Bihu or Rongali Bihu escorts the New Year for Assam, streaking the onset of a new agricultural season. People assemble various kinds of fairs where everyone divulges in the festivities and smite each other’s houses and exchange gifts. At the same time, young girls sing Bihu Geeta in traditional attire and perform the traditional dance, i.e. Mukolibihu. These celebrations are carried continuously for some days. It also allows the young people to select a companion by their own choices.

Bihar – Chhath Puja

 Chhath Puja is also known as Dala Puja. It is inspired by the worshipping of the sun in a traditional way in Bihar, which is called Chhath Puja by the people. Chhath befalls typically in October or November. Chhath assumes a joyous and vivid form as people dress up in the new and best clothes and gather at the rivers or other water bodies for worshipping the sun god. Ladies sing folk songs in honour of their deity Chhat Maiya or Ganga. And after the sunset, people light diyas or lamps in their houses.

Chhattisgarh – BastarDussehra

BastarDussehra is the most extended Dussehra celebrations in the world, and it courses over about 75 days starting around August and ending in October. A variety of tribes participate in this festival with their traditional customs. Bastar Dussehra starts with several ordinances like ‘Patajatra’, i.e. worship of wood accompanied by ‘DeriGadhai’, i.e. Posting of the pillars, KachanGaadi- Dominion for Goddess Kachan Devi, KalashSthapana- applying urns, JogiBithai- Jogi’s atonement, RathParikrama- The camion circuit, NishaJatra- The twilight festival, JogiUthai- Raising of the Jogi, MaoliParghav- Acknowledgment of Devi Maoli, BheetarRaini- The inner circuit, BaaharRaini- The outer circuit, KachanJatra- Thanks delivering ceremony, Muria Durbar- The tribal chieftains’ conference and finally on the last day, Ohadi-A farewell to all the deities.

Haryana – Baisakhi

 Festival of Baisakhi signifies the commencement of harvest of Rabi crops. Farmers celebrate it with lots of joy and enthusiasm in Punjab and Haryana. The day of Baisakhi offsets in colours and robustness as cries of “Jattaaayi Baisakhi” resonate in the skies as cheerfully dressed men and women pace towards the fields to celebrate this occasion. Men and women participate in the traditional folk dances, namely Bhangra and Gidda on the beat of Dhol. Colourful Baisakhi Fairs are also held to celebrate this joyous day. Wrestling bouts, singing and acrobatics also take place apart from music performances.

Himachal Pradesh – MahaShivaratri

 Himachal Pradesh is best known to conduct the biggest Shivaratri celebration among all other states of the country. An international Mandi Shivratri Fair which spans about one week long is organised every year near the Temple of Bhoothnath (Lord Shiva). It becomes the centre of attraction for a lot of tourists from all over India as well as abroad. It witnesses the maximum participation. Super-strong spiritual energy rumbles whole night during Shivaratri celebration. People present a combination of five pure ingredients containing milk, butter, curd, honey and sugar to Lord Shiva.

Kashmir – Eid-ul-Azha

 Kashmirexperiences the real sense of fun of the Eid celebrations. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of the purified fasting month, i.e. Ramadan. On this day, Muslims put on their new clothes and attend many grand feasts by visiting different relative and friend houses. Eid-ul-Azha is an equally important festival which is best known for the Qurbani (sacrifice). People give Qurbani.e; gift of goats, sheep and even camels. On this day, Muslims reveal their true happiness for the health, patience, strength and the opportunities in life which Allah has provided them with; to fulfil their commitment of fasting and other good deeds during the month of blessings, i.e., Ramadan.


Festivals play a vital role in our lives. It provides us with an opportunity to forget all our tensions and get engaged in the decoration and preparations of festivals which make us happy. Celebrating them makes us cheerful and enthusiastic, unlike daily lives. These are the special occasions that bound us with a lot of satisfaction and a wish to enjoy our lives more and more. Diverse festivals are celebrated all over India, out of which many are also celebrated globally like Garba, Lohri, Mahashivaratri, etc. Festivals also embed a sense of brotherhood and unity among us.

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