List of Important National and International Days 2020

List of Important National and International Days 2020

India is home to numerous festivals due to its cultural diversity. Each festival, events has its significance, and some of the events have a particular theme. We are aware of national holidays such as 26 January (Republic Day), 15 August (Independence Day) and 2 October (Gandhi Jayanthi) but have no idea about other holidays/ events that fall in the year.

Clubbing together of month-wise significant Days and Dates of occasions will help you in planning leaves. It not only provides you with a glance of important days of the whole year but also boosts your knowledge and help you in the preparations of several competitive examinations.

List of Important days month wise


January is a month of the new year and the end of the last yearThe weather is cold and pleasant in this month. January has derived its name from the Roman God, Janus.

Date in JanuaryName of the Important National or International Day
4th JanuaryInternational World Braille Day
6th JanuaryWorld Day – War Orphans
9th JanuaryNRI Day
11th JanuaryNational Human Trafficking Awareness Day
12th JanuaryNational Youth Day
15th JanuaryArmy Day
17th JanuaryWorld Religion Day
24th JanuaryNational Girl Child Day
25th JanuaryTourism Day and National Voters Day
26th JanuaryRepublic Day
27th JanuaryInternational Holocaust Day
30th JanuaryWorld Leprosy Eradication Day


It is the only month that consists of only 28 days in normal years while 29 days in a leap year. It derived its name from the Latin word, Februum, meaning purification. This month symbolises piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom.

Date in FebruaryName of the Important National or International Day
2ndFebruaryWorld Wetlands Day
3rdFebruaryWorld Cancer Awareness Day
4thFebruaryWorld Cancer Day
6thFebruaryInternational Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
13thFebruaryWorld Radio Day (UNESCO)
20thFebruaryWorld Day of Social Justice
21stFebruaryInternational Mother Language Day
23rdFebruaryWorld Peace and Understanding Day
24thFebruaryCentral Excise Day
28thFebruaryNational Science Day


It has 31 days in total. It derived its name from the Roman God of War called Mars. According to the Roman calendar, March is the first month.

Date in MarchName of the National or International Day
4thMarchWorld Day of the Fight against Sexual Exploitation
8thMarchInternational Women’s Day
14thMarchInternational Day of Action For Rivers
15thMarchWorld Consumer Rights Day
16th MarchNational Vaccination Day
21st MarchInternational Day For the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and World Forestry Day
22nd MarchWorld Day for Water
23rd MarchWorld Meteorological Day
24th MarchWorld Tuberculosis Day


It is named after the name of the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite.

Date in AprilName of the Important National and International Day
2nd AprilWorld Autism Awareness Day
5th AprilNational Maritime Day
7th AprilWorld Health Day
14th April Cultural Unity Day
17th AprilWorld Haemophilia Day
18th April World Heritage Day
21st April Civil Services Day and National Administrative Professionals Day
22nd AprilEarth Day
25th April World Malaria Day
26th AprilWorld Intellectual Property Day


It derived its name from the name of the Greek Goddess, Maia. It associates spring in the northern hemisphere while autumn in the southern hemisphere.

Date in MayName of the Important National or International Day
2ndMayInternational Astronomy Day
5thMayWorld Asthma Day
8thMayWorld Red Cross and Red Crescent Day and World Thalassemia Day
9thMayWorld Migratory Bird Day
10thMayWorld Mother Day
11thMayNational Technology Day
16thMayDengue Prevention Day
17thMayWorld Telecommunication Day and World Information Society Day
18thMayInternational Museum Day
20thMayWorld Metrology Day
21stMayWorld Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development and Anti-Terrorism Day
22ndMayInternational Day for Biological Diversity
24thMayCommonwealth Day
28thMayInternational Day of Action for Women’s Health
29thMayInternational Day of United Nations Peacekeepers and International Mount Everest Day
31stMayWorld Anti-Tobacco Day


It is named after the Roman Goddess, Juno. The summer solstice falls in this month only, i.e. 21st June.

Date In JuneName of the Important National or International Day
4th JuneInternational Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5th JuneWorld Environment Day
8th JuneWorld Ocean Day
12th JuneWorld Day Against Child Labour
14th JuneWorld Blood Donor Day
15th JuneWorld Elder Abuse Awareness Day
16th JuneInternational Integration Day
17th JuneWorld Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
19th JuneWorld Sickle Cell Day
20th JuneWorld Refugee Day
21st JuneWorld Music Day
23th JuneInternational Olympic Day
26th JuneInternational Day in Support of Victims of Torture
3rd Sunday of JuneInternational Father’s Day


According to the Roman calendar, it is the month of Quintilis. Its name was changed to Julius Caesar who was born on 12th July.

Date in JulyName of the Important National or International Day
1st JulyNational Doctor’s Day
2nd JulyWorld UFO Day and World Sports Journalists Day
4th JulyInternational Cooperative Day
11th JulyWorld Population Day
17th JulyWorld Day For International Justice
18th JulyMandela Day
26th JulyKargil Memorial Day
28th JulyWorld Nature Day or World Hepatitis Day
29th JulyInternational Tiger Day
30th JulyInternational Day of Friendship


It is named after the name of Augustus Caesar and Latin word, Sextilis.

Date in AugustName of the Important National or International Day
1st AugustClergy Sexual Abuse Awareness Day
6th AugustHiroshima Day
9th AugustNagasaki Day
12th AugustInternational Youth Day
15th AugustIndependence Day of India
19th AugustWorld Humanitarian Day
20th AugustWorld Mosquito Day
22nd AugustWorld Senior Citizen Day
23rd AugustInternational Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
29th AugustNational Sports Day


It is the month of the season, Autumn. It got its name from the Roman calendar.

Date in SeptemberName of the Important National or International Day
2nd SeptemberWorld Coconut Day
5th SeptemberTeacher’s Day
8th SeptemberInternational Literacy Day
12th SeptemberWorld First Aid Day
14th SeptemberHindi Day
15th SeptemberInternational Day of Democracy
16th SeptemberWorld Ozone Day
19th SeptemberInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day
21st SeptemberInternational Day of Peace
22nd SeptemberWorld Rhino Day
23rd SeptemberInternational Day of Sign Languages
28th SeptemberRight to Know Day
30th SeptemberInternational Blasphemy Rights Day


The name October is derived from the Latin word, Octo.

Date in OctoberName of the Important National or International Day
2nd OctoberHuman Rights Day and Gandhi Jayanthi
4th OctoberWorld Animal Welfare Day
5th OctoberWorld Teachers’ Day
10th OctoberNational Post Day
16th OctoberWorld Food Day
17th OctoberInternational Day for the Eradication of Poverty
20th OctoberInternational Day of the Air Traffic Contoller
24th OctoberWorld Polio Day
30th OctoberWorld Thrift Day


It derived its name from the Latin word, novem- meaning nine.

Date in NovemberName of the Important National or International Day
9th NovemberWorld Legal Services Day
10th NovemberWorld Immunization Day
12th NovemberWorld Pneumonia Day
13th NovemberWorld Kindness Day
14th NovemberChildren’s Day
17th NovemberInternational Students Day
19th NovemberInternational Men’s Day
20th NovemberUniversal Children’s Day
21st NovemberWorld Television Day
26th NovemberNational Law Day
29th NovemberInternational Day of Solidarity


It is the last month of the year. It originated its name from the Latin word, Decem- meaning ten.

Date in DecemberName of the Important National or International Day
1st DecemberWorld Aids Day
4th DecemberIndian Navy Day
10th DecemberHuman Rights Day
11th DecemberInternational Mountain Day
18th DecemberInternational Migrants Day
20th DecemberInternational Human Solidarity Day
23rd DecemberFarmers Day

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