Who Invented Google ? Founder of google | Google History

Who Invented Google ? Founder of google | Google History

History of Google

“Google” was founded by America in 1998; also known as ‘American search engine company’. Earlier it was called ‘Google LLC’, now known as ‘Google Inc’. This company tied up with Alphabet Inc company from 1998 to 2017. Today, most of the search on the internet platform takes place majorly on theGoogle search engine. Although being an online search firm, it offers more than 80 internet services all around the globe now. 

Google services

These services include online documents or software creation for mobiles or tablets or PCs. In 2012, its accession of ‘Motorola Mobility’ enhanced its feature by allowing it even to sell hardware products such as mobile phones. Google is now one of the best dominant companies in today’s technology market-place because of its services and the wide variety of features that it provides its users with. Some of the best high-tech companies include ‘Apple’, ‘IBM’, ‘Microsoft’, and ‘Google’ being one of them.

Although it provides an internet platform with an innumerable variety of products, the credit to its success still goes to its primary search tool. Based on users’ search requests, Alphabet reached its peak of revenue earned from its advertising in 2016. Two students from Stanford University, named Sergey Brin and Larry Page were engaged with an idea about getting meaning out of a great deal of data on the Internet. They began with devising a new type of search technology, calling it’ BackRub’.

Main objective

Their main objective was to extract details about each website of how many other pages were linked to them. In general, the conventional search engines arranged the different sites sorted by the number of times any specific phrase being appeared on them. While on the other hand, Brin and Page came with a new idea of arranging or ranking websites depending on the number of links attached to them, i.e., a website with more number of links proved to be better than the ones having less number of links attached to them. 


Brin and Page began to finance their work with a well-known investor, ‘Andy Bechtolsheim’ who was a co-founder of ‘Sun Microsystems’. Both of them collected the money of about $1 million from their family members, friends and investors. And with this money, they started a shop in ‘Menlo Park’, California.

They named this shop as “Google” which came from a misspelt word-initially called as “Googol”. Googol was meant for a mathematical term of a number having “a hundred zeroes”. In 2002, ‘Google’ became the client search engine for ‘Yahoo’. And this ultimately helped it to expand. Internet users started searching on Google more than 100 million times a day when Yahoo omitted Google’s services till 2004. 


This growth continued to grow till 2011 when it started getting searches of about three billion per day. The name of this company “google” became so famous and evident that it became a verb, i.e.;” to google” meant surfing the Internet to search something on it. Google now expanded its company by building eleven data centres all over the world in which each centre had hundreds and thousands of servers such as multiprocessor personal computers as well as hard drives. 

The central core of Google’s operation was based on computer codes, including ‘Google File System’ (GFS), ‘MapReduce’ and ‘BigTable’. GFS handled the data storage of several machines. And Bigtable was the ‘database program’ of the company. MapReduce generated higher-level data.

Management system

The immense growth of Google demanded an experienced manager in the company. And finally, in 2001, they hired a manager “Eric Schmidt” as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company. Page became the president of products while Brin became the president of technology. 

In August 2015, Google became the subsidiary of the company-“Alphabet”. All kinds of mobile Android system apps or advertising apps or image and video sharing apps continued to be under Google. After Google ventures becoming separate firms under Alphabet, Page got the position of CEO in the company, Brin became its president, and Schmidt became its executive chairman. “Sundar Pichai” became Google’s new CEO.

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