50 Largest Cities in the World 2020

50 Largest Cities in the World 2020

Before going through the 50 largest cities in the World, let us understand what is meant by a city and how are they organised.  

Defination: A city is a permanent and densely settled place with a large human settlement, where its geographical boundaries are administratively defined. Employment primarily depends on non-agricultural tasks. 

Cities generally have extensive systems for housing, transportation, sanitation, utilities, land use, and communication.

Every country has its criteria to classify the cities in their geographical region. United Nations is the principal organ which uses different definitions of a city to organise them. Cities can be explained by the extent of their urban area, or their metropolitan regions. 

The largest city based on its population using the area under its administrative boundaries of a local government, is Chongqing, China

The largest city by population by the extent of the metropolitan area, i.e., urban space and its primary commuter areas, is Tokyo, Japan

The largest city using the population by the size of an area with a specific population density, is also Tokyo, Japan.

The Chinese municipality of Chongqing consists of a large administrative area of about 82,403 square kilometres times the size of Austria. More than 70% of its 30-million population are agricultural workers living in a rural setting.

The Philippines, metropolitan areas have an official agency named “Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)”. There are certain agencies, even in Indonesia, such as ‘Jabodetabekjur Development Cooperation Agency’ for the Jakarta metropolitan area.

There are about 4416 cities totally in the World. Every city is categorised from each other based on population, type of urbanisation (Metro City or a Normal Small City), types of people, types of languages, etc. But in general, the cities of every country are sorted in ascending or descending order based on their population. The list of the first fifty cities from the largest to the smallest one is:

What are the Smallest Countries in the World by Area & Population

The list of the first fifty cities from the largest to the smallest one

Name of the city and it’s countryPopulation
Tokyo, Japan37,468,000
Delhi, India28,514,000
Shanghai, China25,582,000
Sao Paulo, Brazil24,165,000
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico21,581,000
AlQuahirah, Cairo, Egypt20,076,000
Mumbai, India19,980,000
Beijing, China19,618,000
Dhaka, Bangladesh19,578,000
Kinki M.M.A., Osaka, Japan19,281,000
New York, New Jersey, United States18,819,000
Karachi, Pakistan15,400,000
Buenos Aires, Argentina14,967,000
Chongqing, China14,838,000
Istanbul, Turkey14,751,000
Kolkata(Calcutta), India14,681,000
Manila, Philippines13,482,000
Lagos, Nigeria13,463,000
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil13,293,000
Tianjin, China13,215,000
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of Congo13,171,000
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China12,638,000
Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana, United States12,458,000
Moskva, Moscow, Russia12,410,000
Shenzhen, China11,908,000
Lahore, Pakistan11,738,000
Bangalore, India11,440,000
Paris, France10,901,000
Bogota, Colombia10,574,000
Jakarta, Indonesia10,517,000
Chengdu, China10,376,000
London, United Kingdom10,236,000
Nagoya, Japan10,177,000
Chennai, India9,714,000
Chicago, United States9,156,000
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam8,957,000
Hyderabad, India8,754,000
Dongguan, China8,442,000
Johannesburg, South Africa8,432,000
Wuhan, China7,509,000
Taipei, Taiwan7,438,000
Hangzhou, China7,275,000
Hong Kong, China7,246,000
Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India7,186,000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia7,088,000
Essen Dusseldorf, Germany6,679,000
Baghdad, Iraq6,625,000
Toronto, Canada6,456,000
Santiago, Chile6,225,000
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, United States6,174,000

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