5 Things that will destroy your potential to become successful.

5 Things that will destroy your potential to become successful.

Here is a small story about a boy.

Once there was a little boy he was gifted with love, fire, creativity and he lived a wonderful life, wanted to be a hero, he truly believed that he was a giant, strong, fierce and, brave and he thought that he was a pirate by playing his own game, leading his original life by making his own rules.

But, unfortunately, school taught him to be like everyone else. Walk-in, a single line, smother his confidence for the sake of fitting in. Stiffen his creative dreams and, never be a giant, be a small child, they said at home, and his parents told him to follow their rules, which nullified his rules and to fit into the society he had to put on a fake mask, as he stepped into the community. “Stop being a pirate,” they said, “be realistic and practical and ordinary.”

And so, he to forget who he was, a giant and a pirate, who safeguarded his authenticity and enjoyed being different. He went through school and started studying hard, got an ordinary job, was married, had children, bought an average house on an ordinary street and ate normal food and had less friends and had regular thoughts, without any creativity and felt normal feelings and made average money and lived an ordinary life because he forgot that he was a giant and a pirate.

When the boy became old, he started to forget other things, like his phone number and his favourite food. As he grew older, he started forgetting his place of living, his wife’s name, and how his children looked. When he was extremely old, he even forgot who he was. On his final day, his last hour, he remembered something that he was a giant and a pirate.

Are you that little boy?

Remember that you were born with a mission. You have the best genius within you. You truly have been made to conquer the dreams you see in your heart. And your past sufferings can be transformed into the fire of undefeatability, strengths and steppingstones. You can live the rest of your life in the way you always hoped you could.

5 things that will destroy your potential to lead an excellent life.

If you keep doing these five things, you need to be ready to lose yourself.

  1. Keep running your same mental stories: which you can’t be, why you can’t win and all you can’t do. Your own story becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.
  2. Forgetting that today can be the first day of your new life if you make some new choices. Your daily decisions manufacture all future performance.
  3. Not investing in yourself so your mindset, heart, health and soul reduced to ground level.
  4. Not working on your dreams, will first kill your dream and eventually kill your potential to lead an extraordinary life.
  5. Listening to naysayers. Taking opinion from others is good but degrading yourself considering an opinion is dangerously harmful.

Now that you know what is stopping you, try to dodge them and lead a successful life without any hurdles in your way.

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