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Help students to multiply their productivity accelerate their performance and create a successful career and life. Students will learn at least 5 new things everyday.


What is WinspireGo?

WinspireGo, is the best learning app for students which imbibe management principles in day to day life to multiply their productivity, accelerate their performance and create a successful career and life.

WinspireGo focuses on five basic activities ( include Motivation, IQ, Word power, Brain Teasers, and General Knowledge) that are very important for the students on a daily basis to make a revolutionary routine that will help students to maximize their productivity and accelerate their performance.


What we do?



To become excel in their calculation students need to take WinspireGo speed test every morning in between 5 am – 8 am which keeps them super quick while calculating and develop their conceptual understanding, the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. Because Speed calculation plays an important role in almost all competitive examinations.


Words are the currency of communication. A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading and writing. We guide the students with over five words every day to expand their vocabulary and improve their understanding/Communication.


Brain Teasers

WinspireGo shares a puzzle every day for students to challenge their IQ and Analytical skills. They need to have a creative approach to solve these puzzles. They need to think out of a box and try to solve puzzles by applying different methods, which will develop their problem-solving skills, improves concentration and also enhances their memory.


General knowledge

We will make a habit of reading GK and Current Affairs every day in the form of MCQs. Along with it, we also provide them with the other educational sources which will help them to gain knowledge and widen their perception.

How is WinspireGo useful to students?


✔ Motivate students every morning to do great things and keep their day more productive.

✔ Help them in solving numerical problems with speed and accuracy.

✔ Help them to build great vocabulary which benefits their communication – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

✔ Help them to prioritize and manage their tasks more effectively and efficiently.

✔ Expand their knowledge base and explore new skills at an early age.

✔ Create awareness about various career opportunities and help them to choose the right career path.

✔ Create interest in academics through our puzzles and gaming activities.

✔ Inculcate the spirit of Questioning.

✔ Help them to understand and focus on their intellectual strengths.

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