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List of programming languages

List Of Top Programming languages

December 1, 2020

The primary objective of Programming languages for computers is aiding a large number of persons to use computers without the need to know in detail the internal structure of a computer. Languages must match the type of applications that are to be programmed using the language. The ideal language would be one that signifies precisely the specification of a problem to be solved and turns it into a series of instructions for a computer. The design of all modern programming …

Important Laws In Physics and Their Formulas

Important Laws in Physics and Their Applications

September 30, 2020

Physical laws are the deductions extracted based on many years of scientific research, observations, and experiments that require persistent performance under different conditions to reach the premises, which can be quickly credited worldwide. We all are aware that our world stands working on some principles which are drawn by our scientists in the form of specific physical laws.   Essential Laws of Physics are:   1. Archimedes Principle A Greek mathematician, Archimedes discovered this principle in the third century B.C. …

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