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Ten Tech Companies of the World

Top 10 Tech Companies of the World and in India

October 2, 2020

The importance of the existence of a powerful and dynamic high technology company sector in the current world economy is enormous as it vastly influences the potential for the global competitiveness of different nations or regions. In the developed, post-industrial economies, the leading technology companies sector is frequently regarded as the area with the most extensive use of and dependency on the so-called unique means of production – knowledge and human resources. These means are created continuously, which enables not …

Who Invented Google ? Founder of google

Who Invented Google ? Founder of google | Google History

August 28, 2020

History of Google “Google” was founded by America in 1998; also known as ‘American search engine company’. Earlier it was called ‘Google LLC’, now known as ‘Google Inc’. This company tied up with Alphabet Inc company from 1998 to 2017. Today, most of the search on the internet platform takes place majorly on theGoogle search engine. Although being an online search firm, it offers more than 80 internet services all around the globe now.   Google services These services include …

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