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Alkaline and alkali metals

Differences Between Alkali and Alkaline- Winspire Magazine.

October 25, 2019

Alkaline and alkali earth metals are basic elements, and the compounds which they form are also basic compounds. When added to water, the solutions shows pH values higher than pH 7. These compounds are used for various purposes, such as reducing or neutralizing the acidity of a medium. alkaline earth metals are group 2 of the periodic tables, whereas alkali metals are in group 2. The major difference between alkaline and alkali is that alkaline earth metals have two valence …

Difference between Heat and Temperature

Difference Between Heat and Temperature

October 24, 2019

The concept of temperature and heat are studied together in science, which is somewhat related but not alike. The terms are very common, due to their extensive usage in our day to day life. There exists a fine line which demarcates heat from temperature, in the sense that heat is thought of, as a form of energy, but the temperature is a measure of energy. The fundamental difference between heat and temperature is slight but significant, heat is the overall …

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