1. Who is known as the father of the Indian nuclear programme?


2. Which animal has three hearts?


3. The reaction of cement with water is ___________?


4. Which meter is used to measure the Speed and direction of clouds?


5. A football bounces when it falls on the ground because


6. In our house we get 220V ac, the value of 220 represents


7. In computer terminology, what does ‘Error 404’ indicate?


8. Which of these sports does not have 11 players in each team?


9. A person starts walking in east direction and takes turn of 45 degree clockwise and then a 90 degree shift in anti-clockwise direction and finally a 135 degree shift clockwise direction. Now in which direction he is facing?


10. V walked 20 meters towards south, took a left turn and walked 30 meters; again he took a left turn and walked 20 meters. How far is he from the starting point?


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