October Edition

Compound Knowledge

October Edition Highlights

1. Cover Story of the Month:Compound Knowledge
What causes some people to become world-class leaders, performers and change makers, while most others not? It is called compound time, like compound interest, a small investment now yields surprisingly large returns over time. Warren Buffett, for example, despite owning companies with hundreds of thousands of employees, isn’t as busy as you are. By his own estimate, he has spent 80 percent of his career reading and thinking. Ben Franklin once wisely said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Perhaps the source of Buffett’s true wealth is not just the compounding of his money, but the compounding of his knowledge, which has allowed him to make better decisions.

2. Topic of the Month:
Different Types of Economic Systems?
We all know there are countless economies across the world. All of them are unique in their own way, but they still share a significant number of characteristics. Thus, we can categorize them into four types of economic systems; traditional economies, command economies, market economies and mixed economies. All of them rely on a different set of assumptions and conditions and of course, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. In this edition we will look at each of them in more detail

3. DUSSEHRA: How Dussehra Is Celebrated Across The Country?
Dussehra also known as Vijayadashami is celebrated on the 10th day of Navratri. It marks the historic victory of Lord Ram over the evil King Ravana. Effigies of the latter are burnt as a symbol of the victory of good over evil across the country. In the eastern part of India, Vijayadashami is the celebration of Goddes Durga’s triumph over the invincible Buffalo king Mahishasura. Both the legends signify the victory of good over evil. Here are a few other interesting traditions you need to know.

4. Quiz  Tell/Ask your child match the given list of instruments with their respective Measurements. (Which instrument is used to measure humidity?)

5. Science facts:  Why does a ball not bounce on a cushion?

6. Meet the founder of the McDonald’s franchise empire Mr. Ray Kroc: Our Vartalaap for this month features an eminent personality; Ray Kroc founder of the McDonald’s franchise empire, created one of the most recognizable food businesses in history turning McDonalds from a local restaurant into the global empire that serves in excess of 25 million people a day at nearly 20,000 outlets worldwide particularly through automation and training.

7. Few General Knowledge Questions like:
• Greenwich Mean Time is a named after a place in which country?
• In which neighboring country of India is Tamil one of the official languages?
• In computer terminology, what does ‘Error 404’ indicate?
• In our house we get 220V ac, the value of 220 represents?
• The part of kidney that filters Urine is?

8. Fun Facts like:
• Animals with 3 chambered heart include Frogs & Lizards
• The heart of a Blue Whale is as big as car.
• Octopus has 3 hearts.

9. November Month Contest:
Ask your child to take part in the Winspire monthly contest. Help your child to understand the topic well. Our topic of the month: Does Religion Unite Us or Divide Us? Give your opinion.
We hope now you understand what exactly Winspire Magazine does every month. Now the choices you make actually uplift your child potential.
We strongly encourage you and your child to spend some time with Winspire Magazine, ask your child to take notes, and make the commitment to practice all puzzles/Quizzes/Gk etc in the magazine. Then your child performance will never be the same.

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