November Edition


How to overcome and move forward in life

November Edition Highlights

1. Cover Story of the Month:Self-Doubt?
Everyone feels self-doubt at least every once in a while. However, high achievers overcome their self-doubt, while low achievers wallow in it and allow their self-doubt to prevent them from achieving their goals. Self-doubt sounds like the following:
• “I’m not sure I can do this.”
• “What if I fail?”
• “What if I just don’t have what it takes?”
Fortunately, there are ways of conquering those doubts, so that they don’t hold you back. This month’s cover story will help you with 10 valuable tips for defeating doubt and directing your energy toward more productive ways of thinking.

2. Topic of the Month:
The Three Pillars of Democracy” – legislature, executive and judiciary that were established in order to check and balance the overall government. These three pillars ensure that the constitutional provisions are followed both in letter and spirit.

3. Children’s Day: Remembering Chacha Nehru 9 Interesting Facts about India’s First and Longest Serving PM.

4. Quiz  Tell/Ask your child Match the given voltages (single phase) used for domestic appliances to their respective countries. Like 220V in India, how much voltage is used in Japan?

5. Science facts:  Without Hemoglobin, how does the flow of oxygen take place within insects?

6. Meet the Man of Steel Mr. Andrew Carnegie: Our Vartalaap for this month features an eminent ‘Inspirational Personality’ The Scottish-born American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie founder of the Carnegie Steel Company – was the leader of the American steel industry from 1873 to 1901.

7. Few General Knowledge Questions like:
• Which of the following is the India’s first engineless train?
• The ancient city “Prayaga” was renamed as “Allahabad” by which Mughal emperor?
• Who has been appointed the new Solicitor General of India?
• What is the size of new Rs.500 Bank Note?
• The pungent smell of garlic is due to?
• ‘Good Friday’ is observed to commemorate the event of?

8. Fun Facts like:
• In zero gravity, a candle’s flame is round and blue.
• The entire US-Canada border is defined by a 20 ft. deforested area called “The Slash”.
• The world’s longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China. It was over 60 miles long and lasted 11 days.

9. November Month Contest:
Ask your child to take part in the Winspire monthly contest. Help your child to understand the topic well. Our topic of the month: Is Unemployability A Bigger Problem Than Unemployment?
• Unemployable means: “not acceptable for employment as a worker.”
• Unemployment is: “the state of being unemployed.”
How do you support this? Give your opinion.
We hope now you understand what exactly Winspire Magazine does every month. Now the choices you make actually uplift your child potential.
We strongly encourage you and your child to spend some time with Winspire Magazine, ask your child to take notes, and make the commitment to practice all puzzles/Quizzes/Gk etc in the magazine. Then your child performance will never be the same.

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