1. The Indo-Pak war which began in 1971 on December 3 ended in the formation of a new country called?


2. The world’s tallest statue “The Statue of Unity” with a height of 182 meters is located in which state?


3. Vehicles with number plate with an upward pointing arrow are used for ________?


4. Who is the current Attorney General of India?


5. The minimum perpendicular distance between the inner faces of the two rails is defined as______.


6. The logo of the twitter (bird) is named after the ___________former NBA basketball player?


7. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named



8. Magnetism at the centre of the bar magnet


9. Who is the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series?


10. The birth anniversary of the freedom fighter Maulana Abul Kalam Azad is celebrated as ______in India?


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