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Why not to advice to fools

The story of ‘The Birds And The Monkeys’ to understand why intelligence becomes a curse sometimes. A long time ago, a seed fell on the banks of a river, which became a huge tree. The tree was a comfortable home for the family of birds who had eventually built their nests on the branches of the tree. The birds were happily living there as the tree had sheltered them with its widespread branches from the heavy rains and scorching sun. 

One day, it rained very heavily, when the sky was filled with dark clouds. A few monkeys who were playing around the tree got drenched and ran in search of shelter under the tree. All of them were drenched, which caused them to shiver with cold. 

The birds then saw these monkeys in the most pitiable condition, and one of the birds said,” Hey Monkeys, you would not have to shiver like this if you had built a home like us. If we can make our nest with small beaks, then why can’t you? By God’s grace, you have two hands and two legs. Why don’t you make an excellent shelter for yourselves?” 

On hearing this, the monkeys got annoyed and swore to teach a lesson to these birds. They said to themselves, “These birds are not afraid of the rain or cold wind because they are living comfortably in their nest which is on a huge tree; that is why they are criticizing us like this. Let the rain stop; we’ll show them how to build home”. 

As soon as the rain stopped, in order to teach them a lesson, the monkeys climbed up the tree and destroyed the nests of the birds. They also threw young ones down and broke their eggs and the poor birds flew here and there in vain. They were full of regret for their words and realized that they should not have given advice that was not asked. Advice should only be given to learned, wise and to those who ask for it.

Don’t advice stupid people

Moral: Never advise fools.

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