August Edition

5 Things To Learn From The Freedom Struggle

August Edition Highlights

1. Cover Story of the Month:Autodidact means Self learning. How can one master
the self learning skills? Why self learning is important for children? You get to
choose your mode of learning. How to start learning by self and become an

2. Science Facts:
 How are places located on the globe?
 Why bursting a balloon makes a sound when pricked with a needle?

3. Quiz: Identify the foreign travelers who came to India and match their origin

4. Message from Warren Buffet  Tell/Ask your child what are their thought about
money and finance? Do they know what saving means? How do you explain
children about money? What is the mistake parents make while teaching their
children about money? How to change this?

5. Facts about National Highways:  How are National Highways named in India? Do
you know how many numbers assigned to NH in India?

6. Career Guidance: Have you ever thought of becoming Ambassador of India? Do
you know its importance? What to study and from where? Have you heard about
Indian Foreign Services (IFS)?

7. Few General Knowledge Questions:
 Which enzyme helps in digestion of fat?
 Name the organs which have different basic structure but have similar
appearance and perform similar functions.
 What does later Vedic people called when they cooked rice with milk?
 Doo you know which system that controls every activity that you do

8. Did you know:
 The first country to build drones was Israel.
 The very first domain name registered was
 The fear of technology is called Technophobia.

9. August Month Contest:
A teacher who made difference in your life and inspired you. Share your thoughts
how and who help you. The last date to submit is 20th September 2019.
*(Requesting Parents to Encourage children to participate in Essay. It will develop the
writing skills and introduce them to new thoughts and creative ideas)*

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